ep. 7 – priorities and pants

Tim asks Amy to discuss when she feels like she is a priority to him. They also ask listeners to weigh in on whether Tim should wear his new jogger pants in public.

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We’re back! It’s been awhile. Full disclosure? Sure, life has been busy, yada yada yada, insert all of the usual excuses here. Every time we sat down to record a podcast, we would end up fighting. We’ve said before that what makes us work also makes us collide. A lot. And we ended up colliding. A lot. The crazy part is, we both feel like we’re called to this podcast. And we’re (sort of) done with the season of our marriage where we just avoid the conflict (I say “sort of” because we still have our days, but net total, we’re more willing to go into the conflicts). So, I’m telling you this, because I’d like to ask you to pray for us. Pray for us and pray for the podcast.

This recording was spontaneous and I had no idea what the topic would be. It was all in Tim’s head, inspired by our friends and a blog post. Our lives are busy, and it’s a constant battle to keep the top priorities at the top of the list. We don’t have it all together. What are things you do to show your spouse that they are top priority? What makes you feel like you are top priority?

Oh, and don’t forget to weigh in on Tim’s pants!

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