ep. 3 – building a life you love to live

Tim and Amy don’t want to slog through the week to get to the weekend. They don’t want to kill themselves until they get to retirement. In this episode, they discuss having an awesome life in the here and now.

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First came love, then came marriage, then came the baby… and then the came the every day, never-ending cycle of feeding children, changing diapers, and doing the laundry. That’s where I was a little over a year ago.

I got to those days by doing one thing after the next, in part because I thought that’s just what you did. I didn’t really have dreams. I’m not sure it occurred to me to have dreams.

It’s no secret that I’m a bookworm and most of my inspiration comes from reading. Chip Gaines’ book Capital Gaines met me where I was at and planted the seed that I could have dreams. Jennifer Fulwiler’s book One Beautiful Dream gave me permission to have dreams now (or, then as it were).

I’ve been on a path of discovery ever sense. I’m searching for what I want, and learning to orient my days around that. I don’t want to wait until my kids are out of the house. I needed (or at least I thought I needed) permission from someone to have an awesome life.

I still feed children, do laundry, and wipe bottoms. And, while there is a beautiful liturgy in those things, I’m excited to go after my dreams today, every day.

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