a gratitude challenge

For over a month now, I’ve been sending out a daily text to a group of friends with a gratitude challenge for each day.

I’m now calling this the


#inallthingschallenge is a challenge to practice gratitude “in all things”, when times are good, and when times are challenging. Here’s how it works.

Each day I will post on Instagram the day’s challenge which will include an action item, a gratitude theme, and a reminder to share one response with your group.

Here are the rules:

  • 1. You must write it down and date it. This part is important whether it be in a note on your phone or in a journal or notebook. I think there is power in the physicality of writing it down so I am partial to the journal or notebook. There are days when you will wrestle with this practice; when the gratitude isn’t flowing. Reading past entries reminds you that you’ve been thankful before and you can be thankful again. It can help get the ideas going. And days, months, and even a year from now, you can look back and smile at the things you were thankful for during this time.
  • 2. You need a group of three or more people to share your responses with. Each day you’ll be asked to share one of your responses to the gratitude theme with your group.  For example, if the theme for the day is “songs that make you happy”, you might share with your group that you’re thankful for the song “Hot Potato” (my kids love this song). Start a text thread or a Marco Polo group or whatever works best for you. You can’t fill the community gratitude bucket if you don’t have a community. You’re going to have good days and hard days. On good days, you’ll have lots of gratitude to pour in the bucket (cheesy metaphor but go with me here). And someone else may have only a little. On hard days, you’ll only have a little, and someone else will have a lot. Their contributions will bless you on your hard days and remind you of the things you have to be thankful for.
  • If you don’t like my action item, change it to fit what works for you.

If you post about the challenge or any of your responses on social media, please kindly use #inallthingschallenge. We’d all love to share in the gratitude.

“There’s always a reason to always choose joy.”

“Smile” by the Sidewalk Prophets